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All Realcock 2 accessory products are shipped in plain cardboard packaging via UPS to ensure your privacy. Sex toys require an adult signature to prevent access by children.

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Strapon Realistic Dildo Pants Harness for Men Pants Strap Ons Big Dildos with Rings Harness Belt Erotic Costumes Sex Toys.
Material: Heath soft TPE + PU leather.

S size: Length 18.5cm | Diameter 3.8cm | Hollow diameter 2.5cm | Hollow length 14cm.
L size: Length 19.5cm | Diameter 4cm | Hollow diameter 2.5cm | Hollow length 14cm.

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Estimated delivery on Aug 18, 2024.

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How It’s Made & Behind The Scenes
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The World’s Most Realistic Dildo.

Introducing the RealCock 2, a pinnacle of realism in the realm of adult toys. Crafted with triple layering and Sil-Slide technology, this masterpiece features a sliding outer skin and remarkably lifelike floating testicles.

Quality Over Quantity.

At RealCock, we prioritize quality above all else. Therefore, we only use the highest quality materials. We ensure every cock is created from platinum grade silicone, making it an easy and safe option for your body, where other companies can use TPE and other plastic that your body can reject.

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Compatible with Other Products.

You can use your RealCock 2 with any products that contain a vacuum lock plug design (compatible with the very popular Vac-U-Lock system) Sex Machines, and they’re also compatible with O-rings!

Double your fun

Take 10% off any two RealCock 2 products

Code: 10offRC2.


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Ordering Instructions

PRIVACY: We handle every order with absolute confidentiality and discretion. We respect your privacy and never share, rent, or sell your personal information.
Order Policies

Fast delivery

All Realcock 2 products are handmade made-to-order. These incredible hand-crafted pieces of art are built to your exact specifications – and this process takes time. The current estimated timeline of the shipment of your order is below. Currently, our made-to-order Realcock 2 takes an average of 14 days to ship. We only use the highest quality materials. You will receive an order confirmation email that will contain an estimated ship date. Please understand that this date is an estimate for when your order will ship, and your item may in fact ship ahead of schedule or it may ship a week late.

How are accessory products shipped?

All Realcock 2 accessory products are shipped in plain cardboard packaging via UPS, Federal Express or the United States Postal Service. Packages are always sent with a return address to Realcock 2 LLC. Realcock 2 is never displayed on any items mailed or freighted from us. Your privacy is of utmost important to us. Adult items such as DVDs and sex toys will require an adult signature to prevent children from receiving or opening packages.

What are the properties of siliconee? What should I be aware of? Could I be allergic to it?

The high grade of siliconee we use for Realcock 2 products is also used by the movie special effects industry for make-up effects and for animatronic creatures. It has a high degree of flexibility and resists tearing. The specific formulation used by Realcock 2 contains a harmless oil suspended between the molecules of siliconee, which gives the flesh a more realistic feel and greater elasticity. The siliconee skin can feel slightly tacky because its surface area sweats a very small amount of the oil. This diminishes over time and we recommend the use of baby powder or talcum powder to remove any tackiness. You are much more likely to be allergic to the baby powder than the siliconee. We have never had a report of a negative health reaction to our siliconee – it is inert and non-toxic when used as directed.

Do I have to pay customs, import taxes and duties?

Customs duties, fees and applicable taxes are applied by the country of destination. We have no control over these charges and cannot give estimates on what they will cost. You will need to pay any required fees in order to get your realcock through customs. If you require assistance with the customs process you can request help from our freight provider or select your own provider.

Dimensions19.5 × 4 × 19.5 in
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    Excellent product.

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    The product is truly an unbelievable result

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    Good quality. Has lived up to expectations👌I recommend

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    As the image, they are fine and arrived fast

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